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These are magazines I collect that I started collecting in April 2012 and i really enjoy reading these. They come out every week and specials every so often which recently it was Easter special.

Issue 1


In Issue 1 it explained the first steps to baking and simple techniques on different style of decorating. On the cover it shows cupcakes with butterflies as decoration which you do get the cutter with it. I enjoyed making things like these because my favourite animal is Butterflies.

It also shows icing cookies with royal icing which took me months and months of practices and only managed to do a similar thing with tulip cookies shown here:


The last thing it shows is how to make colourful circles in sugar paste in 4 simple steps which i have not achieved yet due to no projects wanting that theme.

Issue 2


In Issue 2 it starts showing more technical projects which i still have to achieve. The one thing i did achieve is making farm animals shown here:


and i won a rabbit mould for doing these cupcakes so quite pleased. The one thing i want to try from this issue is icing sponge squares and putting decoration on them. I have seen them done on GBBO by Mary Berry but it takes a lot of practice plus i have never made liquid fondant before but be worth a try.


Issue 3

In issue 3 there are three things it shows:

Cute cookies with lettering
Bollywood style cakes
Abc cake

Not tried any of these except try using my letter cutters which are shown in my picture with the royal icing technique. If I had a baby in the family to make a cake I would do the abc cake.

Issue 4


In Issue 4 it shows how to make rose cupcakes , rainbow whoopie pies and fondant bows.

I have tried to make rainbow whoopie pies but failed miserable and would not try it again plus no family like them.

I only recently made a fondant bow on a giant cupcake for my niece which is shown here:

Emily Cake

Issue 5


In Issue 5 it shows how to make a love cake, marbled cookies and ice cream cupcakes.

I have never tried to make marbled cookies but would love to make them. I have made ice cream cupcakes and was great to try. My picture of these are shown here:

ice cream cupcakes

Issue 6


In Issue 6 it shows how to use a stencil for cakes using either icing sugar or royal icing and how to make cake pops. Using a stencil was tricky at first but recently i have used a crown one and came out brillantly:


It has took me two years to get hang of making cake pops and i finally make some tulip ones for Mothers Day:


Issue 7


In Issue 7 it shows how to use the large petal nozzle that i got free with the magazine. The projects include a ruffle cake and flowers. It also shows how to make mini star gems. I would love to make mini star gems and might do it soon.

Issue 8


In Issue 8 It shows you how to use a cameo mould and how to make cake push pops. Cake push pops are the one thing i love to make. It take 1 cupcake to make a cake push pop by cutting in half and using butter cream to decorate it as well as sprinkles. With the cameo it does take a few times to get used to it but works like a charm:


Issue 9 


In Issue 9 it shows you have to do brush embroidery using your large daisy embosser you get free with the issue, making toppers and making a giant cupcake. I have not yet used my embosser for much but it is handy to have. Giant cupcake i have done twice and was fun but take lots of ingredients and time to make one shown here:

Emily Cake                               Giant cupcake

I did both for family members and was eaten quickly.

Issue 10


In Issue 10 it shows you have to make leaves either fondant or chocolate using the fluting and veining tool that comes free with the issue plus making a pirate cake. I was hoping to make a pirate cake for one of my nephews but did not get chance but might do it this year. The leaves are something i need to work on and will improve in time.

Issue 11


In Issue 11 it tells you step by step on how to use a stencil using royal icing , stencilled cookies and making sweet ring doughnuts. I have not used the floral stencil yet that came with the magazine but i have used a crown stencil with royal icing for a birthday recently:


Want to make some batch a doughnuts for my husband but not had chance so might do it for one of my other projects.

Issue 12


In Issue 12 it shows you how to make a handbag cake with fondant, crimped mini cakes and gingerbread people. I am hoping to make a handbag cake for my sister in law in June so looking forward to this. Gingerbread people are always fun to make but never remember to take pictures.

Issue 13


In Issue 13 it shows you how to use the basket weave nozzle on a cake, making mini basket cookies and buttercream roses. I still have to work on the roses but i have used the basket weave on cupcakes instead:


Issue 14


In Issue 14 it shows you how to make dress cookies with royal icing, making frills for a cake and high hat cupcakes. I have tried to make high hat cupcakes but chocolate did not want to set so gonna try it again. The cookies are going to be on the to-do list cause they look cute just need cutter and not had a project to do the frills.

Issue 15


In Issue 15 it shows you how to use your silicone button mould that came free with the issue and make a monogram cake. I have made buttons using the mould on cupcakes and was so fun:


Hopefully i could make a monogram cake for someone special.

Issue 16 


In Issue 16 it shows you how to use the stencil with royal icing that comes free with the issue and to make clown cake balls. I have never had a project to make a clown cake ball because most people are scared of clowns. I have used the stencil once:


This was my first attempt and i have improved brilliantly.

Issue 17


In Issue 17 it shows you how to make a peacock cake, how to achieve textures on fondant using the rolling pin provided and how to make crystallised flowers. I would love to make crystallised flowers and will put that on my to-do list soon. The peacock cake is something i will have to wait to see if people will want one for a birthday gift.

Issue 18


In Issue 18 it shows you how to make flower mini cakes, Quilt cake and brownies pops. The Quilt cake is the only thing that i have tried from this issue but on cupcakes instead using a template that you get free with it:


It is shown on the last cupcakes on the picture.

Issue 19


In Issue 19 it shows you how yo make a candy cake, cupcake cookies and macaroons. The one thing i want to try on this is the cupcake cookies because they look so cute and lovely to eat and you get the cutter free with this issue.

Issue 20


In Issue 20 it shows you how to make blossom cupcakes, a garden with grass and making lace out of royal icing. I have tried to achieve each of these but need more practice before taking pictures. Will try grass again for Easter.

Issue 21


In Issue 21 it shows you how to make wavy buttercream cakes, cookie stacks for weddings and apple cupcakes. I have only tried one thing on this issue and that is the apple cupcakes. I did some snow white ones for my niece last year shown here:

For my niece

For my niece

Issue 22


In Issue 22 it shows you how to make flower mini cakes, how to pipe designs perfect with royal icing and new baby cookies. I was hoping to make the baby cookies this week but cant seem to find the cutter to buy so will leave it for now.

Issue 23


In Issue 23 it shows you how to make a stencil cake, loopy bows and paste modelling. I want to achieve all of these and will put it on my to-do list soon. The one thing that is gonna be fun is making paste cars and might be an idea for a birthday gift this year.

Issue 24


In Issue 24 it shows you how to make two – tone cupcakes , chocolate collars and stripes on cookies. The chocolate collars look fun to do and the two -tone cupcakes are easy to make just need the pipping bag that does two different colours which i can get from Lakeland.

Issue 25



In Issue 25 it shows you how to use your drop nozzle to decorate a cake , how to make easy leaves using your leaf nozzle and how to craft cats and dogs for cupcake. I did attempt the cupcakes one for cats and dogs and it was brilliant but no picture which is a shame. the leaves are something i need to practice.

Issue 26



In Issue 26 it shows you how to make a bucket cake, how to use your sea shell mould and how to make cherry blossom cupcakes. I have used the mould before but it takes time to get used to it. The cherry blossoms are something i want to try in the future.

Issue 27



In Issue 27 it shows you how to make frills and how to make robot cupcakes. The robot cupcakes are something i want to try for a birthday hopefully. The frills are something that it is gonna take some time to do.

Issue 28



In Issue 28 it shows you how to make patchwork cupcakes, how to use the cutting wheel provided in this issue and how to make magical cakes. I have not tried anything of these but would love to.

Issue 29


In Issue 29 it shows you how to make a rose cake using the embosser provided, mini hat cakes and owl cupcakes. I want to try each of these just need a event to try them.

Issue 30


In Issue 30 it shows you how to make a space cake, making a bouquet and mini fruit cakes. Would love to make the space cake just need a birthday to do it. The bouquet i have done but in cupcake form instead:


Issue 31


In Issue 31 it shows you how to make a groom cake, using a stencil with glitter and jungle cake pops. Wanna try all of these in the future hopefully.

Issue 32



In Issue 32 it shows you how to make a French cake, how to use the nozzle provided and how to make a mini cake gift. The mini cake gift i am hoping to make for a sister in law this year. The French cake is something i probably wont make ;(


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