Cake Modelling Equipment



The ones on the left was bought for me by my brother for my birthday which i have not opened just yet. The ones on the right i have been collecting from that magazine for weeks and i use them all the time for little projects like making smiles and making flowers.



I have been collecting plungers for a little while and they come useful for cutting out shapes with details. My favourite is my butterfly with all the little detail.

Lustre Dust


You can use lustre for either painting detail on fondant or making decorations shimmer. It can be pricey for a little tub but with it.

Silicone Moulds


Silicone moulds are so handy for making little fondant decorations for your cakes and cupcakes. My favourite one at mom is the sea shells one.

Cake Crimpers


At the moment I am collecting these in my magazine. So far I have a wavy, star and a v one at minute. They r good for making a border pattern on cakes or making shapes.

The Mat


I use the mat to roll out all my icing easily without using any icing sugar or ruin the side board. It has come really handy for me for the past 3 months 🙂


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