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Magazines i got today

Got two of my magazines today both from the same company Cake Decorating. One has a sweet cookie cutter that i do want to try and the other a teddy bear chocolate mould that mine is setting right now:



Magazines I Got Today

Went to Tesco today and got my three magazines from there. One has a Aladdin mould to make chocolates, one has a big nozzle to help make meringues and last one has a ribbon embosser.


Books and Magazines

I got lots of things today. First i got a book which features recipes from a baker called John Waithe and its a brilliant book. It features lots and lots of recipes for me to try:


Then i got a catalogue through the post from a company called Almond Art and its all baking supplies. Its cheaper than my local cake store:


Then i went to a local Whsmiths and got these magazines today which are packed full of ideas for me to try:



Got these today which included a flower plunger to make flowers for cakes etc plus a leaf veiner which i have wanted for ages.




Got these today to cheer me up after a sad day at hospital and will get ideas from.



Magazines this week


In my magazines i got a cupcake corer so i can fill cupcakes with different flavors and i only got a tool to help make flowers.

Bargain Buy

I went to Asda Living and saw some mini cake tins that i thought would be perfect to make individual cakes for and they were a bargain – 4 for £1.50.



Will look forward to using these.

Magazine i got today



In these magazine i got a bow silicone mould that i would use for cupcakes and a shell plastic mould for making chocolates for family or friends or even both.

Disney Magazine Issue 27 Plus a Spring Edition Coming up

Got Issue 27 this morning which contain a set of 3 plungers inside and one of them is a mickeys head shaped which is excellent because i always wanted one.



Coming up is a spring edition which will contain everything to do with one of my favourite characters Bambi and company. It will contain a silcone mould of the characters and decorations mould as well as a 28 page magazine with lots of treats to make. Looking forward to this – will be ordering it in 6 days 😉

Issue 80 of My Cake Decorating Magazine

Got this yesterday too which it is so handy to read because it comes with handy tips and ideas for cakes and sweet treats.



But next week there will be a fairytale edition to come out which i will love because it will come with a gingerbread house cutters for me to try before Christmas.