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Daily Mail Card Giveaway

Got these posted today from the daily mail by collecting points from back of newspapers and got 5 baking cards from GBBO.



New storage box

I bought this yesterday to hold all my nozzles plus anything small enough enough to fit like my letters.


Renshaw Flower Paste

I filled a survey about flower paste and won a pack of renshaw flower paste. Can’t wait to use it.


Issue 72

In Issue 72 it shows you how to make a fashion cake, how to make designer bags with the free mould and how to make paste toppers for pink cupcakes.


Need a project for the handbags.

Cupcake and cookie decorating kit

I got a cupcake and cookie decorating kit to help with different techniques. It helps with pipping buttercream, making cookie shapes and filling puff pastry as well which is a bonus.


New plungers

I received a new set of plungers for decorating cupcakes which are shaped like bows.


Gonna try them out this weekend

Folder for my magazines

Got a folder today to hold my magazines in a collection but only holds 15 issues in total so will need to buy more folders for my magazine collection I am holding so far.



Storing chocolate

Saw this earlier and thought it is a good tip:


I always store mine in my pantry and last ages.

How much ribbon to use on a cake or cake board


I saw this on facebook and i thought it was really handy for people to have.

Create my website

Today i created this site and i have really enjoyed making it so far. It has took ages to decide to make this site but it is worth it just so i can put my views and opinions on this site for people to see.

Also today a item arrived from Ebay that i bought a week a go and cant wait to use it on my creations shown here:

Heart Cutters