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Learn to Cook with Mary Berry’s Cookery Course

I have this it’s ace

pass the mixing bowl

Hello bloggers, bakers and readers, I hope you’ve had a nice enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Last week DK Publishers contacted me and sent me a wonderful new book, ‘Mary Berry’s Cookery Course’ and I felt like a child on Christmas day when the postman arrived with a rather large brown envelope!

Photo 24-09-2013 00 35 07

I had seen this book in the shop and was considering buying it, unfortunately though I was still waiting on my student loan to come through. When I was asked to review the book I was delighted, what good luck! It’s a huge, heavy and a beautifully put together book; comprised of many double-page spreads detailing the basic equipment for the kitchen, the types of food you will learn to cook (‘technique finder’) and a lovely welcome/introduction to the book for the very own Queen of Puddings herself. If you’d like to get a taste for the layout of the…

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Free marzipan

I filled a survey from Renshaws about marzipan and got a free 100g pack to use for Christmas.


Issue 80 of My Cake Decorating Magazine

Got this yesterday too which it is so handy to read because it comes with handy tips and ideas for cakes and sweet treats.



But next week there will be a fairytale edition to come out which i will love because it will come with a gingerbread house cutters for me to try before Christmas.


Issue 3 of Disney Cakes and Sweets

Got new issue today packed full of lovely recipes to make and came with characters for a castle cake, a tool and Minnie mouse cookie cutters.



I made yesterday some tinkerbell butterfly cupcakes and Minnie Mouse cookies which my husband loved so much.

IMG_1166[1] IMG_1167[1]

New Mixer

Got my new mixer yesterday thanks to my mum for an early birthday and Christmas present. Cant wait to use it. It came with a cookbook, 4 attachments, free spatula and bag to keep it covered.


IMG_1174[1] IMG_1176[1] IMG_1178[1] IMG_1179[1] IMG_1180[1] IMG_1182[1]

Things I want part 2

Next thing I want from Lakeland is two Christmas items which are:

3D Christmas Tree Mould


This will be so nice to make and easier to eat too 🙂

Santa’s Sleigh Mould


This is so pretty and would look nice as a centrepiece for the table.

But the best centrepiece for a table would be this:

Holly Wreath Cookie Mould

This will be nice and fun to make with shortbread.

Lakeland Catalogue and Things I want part 1

The new catalogue came out today and it’s packed full of goodies I want .


First thing I found I would like would be a hemisphere cake pan which comes in 4 different sizes to help make cakes like footballs, owls, hedgehogs etc


Next was a duo colour icing kit which includes 7 nozzles plus a duo icing bag so that you can do 2 different colours at once and will look pretty.


Lakeland has just brought a new device called piping bag holder which is pink and can be build up by twisting and lifting it to lock then can be put away easily into a case.


I have always wanted to make lace for cakes and cupcakes. It’s called magic icing powder. Just mix the powder with hot water and beat until creamy then spread with a spatula onto a designed mat to make decorations.


I have used cake stencils before but Lakeland had brought some nice pretty ones just for cupcakes which I would love to own.


Sweet Dough on GBBO

Last nights episode was fanatic to watch and can’t wait to try the new ideas for sweet dough once I get my mixer.

Signature Bake

It is a sweet tea loaf which I have never made before but I love loaves and smell Devine. I would have it with enriched dough and for the spices ginger is my favourite.

My favourite contestant is still in at moment which is Howard. He is making date and hemp loaf which is a healthy loaf to have for tea plus shows a greeny colour. Apparently Hemp flour is used and made in Yorkshire so will try and find some. Always remember to use two hands as Paul Hollywood says hehe

Technical Challenge

It’s a French sweet loaf that is twisted into a round shape. It is from Paul Hollywoods Book which I do own. It is also in my other book from the season itself:


Here’s the recipe:

Apricot Couronne


For the Dough

250g strong white bread flour
5g salt
1 x 7g fast action yeast
50g butter
105ml full fat milk
1 egg

For the Filling

90g butter
70g light brown sugar
120g ready to eat dried apricots
35g plain flour
60g raisins
65g walnut pieces
Zest of 1 orange

To finish

50g apricot jam
100g icing sugar
25g flaked almonds

To make the dough, tip the flour into a large mixing bowl. Add the salt to the bowl at one side and the yeast to the other. Add the butter, milk and egg and turn the mixture round with your fingers. Keep doing this until you have picked up all the flour from the sides of the bowl. Use the mixture to clean the sides of the bowl until it becomes a soft ball of dough.

Turn the dough into a lightly floured worktop and knead for 12 minutes: work through the initial wet stage until the dough forms a smooth skin. When it feels smooth out into a large piled bowl. Cover up with a dry tea towel and leave to rise for 1 hour until doubled in size.

While the dough is rising, make the filling. Put the butter, sugar, drained apricots, flour, raisins, walnuts and zest into a bowl and mix well. Set aside until needed.

Turn the risen dough back onto a floured surface. Without punching down to deflate, roll into a rectangle about 25 x 33cm. Turn the dough around so that the longest end faces you. Spread the apricot mixture evenly over the dough, then roll up like a Swiss roll. Roll it back and forth to seal the seam then cut it length ways in half.

Twist the two strands of dough together; then twist the two ends together to finish the crown. Carefully transfer the crown to a baking sheet. Put the sheet in a plastic bag and leave to prove for 45 minutes until the dough springs back quickly as you gently prod it.

Preheat the oven to gas mark 6. When it is ready to bake place it in the oven. Bake for 35 minutes until golden and risen. Transfer to wire rack then decorate it with apricot jam, icing sugar and almonds.


Showstopper Challenge

I would love to make brioche but if I was making them I would using caramel.

A Mixer

My mum has been very kind and given me my birthday money early so i could buy myself a mixer for first time and i found this one:




Cant wait to get it. Going to get a free cookbook, more equipment, bag etc


My dad was really nice and bought me some baking goodies to help with my creations in the future:

Halloween Sprinkles


On Halloween I will be using these to decorate all my cupcakes ready for family and friends.

Halloween Orange Goo


Never tried this before on cupcakes but it’s worth a try especially for Halloween.



He got me vanilla, lemon and peppermint flavouring which will def be used for cupcakes and cakes in near future and all my favourite flavours.

Cupcake Cases and Picks Themed


These won’t go to waste cause I will have projects in future to use these for .