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Jo Wheatley – A Passion For Baking Book

My dad bought me this book a week ago and there so many items I want to try and make.


There are 10 chapters to choose from and I found one item in each chapter I want to try and bake.


In this chapter I found a pastry dough I would to try and make because it will give me practice making bread.



In this chapter I found something I would to make for my husband and I for dinner and it is piggies in blanket Danish because I love all three things sausage,bacon and bread.


Family Baking

In this chapter I found something that could make as a present for family which is white chocolate tiffin. Many people like the mixture of chocolate n fruit.


Afternoon Tea

In this chapter I found a treat for family when they come down for a cup of tea which is mini mint choc chip shots which are so lovely and easy to make.


Celebration Bakes

In this chapter I wanted different to try and make. I thought I would make mince pies because everyone loves these for Christmas.


Baking With Children

My little girl has started to want to bake and she would love to make these hedgehog rolls to show off her talent.



Breads is something I have to keep practicing on and one that my husband would love would be raspberry iced fingers.



I love biscuits in any flavour and would love to try and make Viennese fingers.



Pies are something everyone loves especially this apple and raspberry meringue pie.



There is something that might be good to try and have a go at which is strawberry cream choc cups.



Angry Bird Toppers

I made these fondant toppers for nephews cupcakes tomorrow. It is his favourite angry bird.


Little bookcase complete

Been collecting these little books to fit in a little bookcase for 30 greatest recipes and it is now complete.


Issue 62

In Issue 62 it shows you how to make a feather cake that looks perfect for a wedding and how to make pizza cookies which once I have cutter I will try and make.


Piglet Cookies

I made these cookies for my niece Katie as a treat because she bought the cutter of all winnie the pooh characters. I made them using a simple sugar cookie recipe and used royal icing in two different shades of pink to decorate.


IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494

Issue 61

In Issue 61 it shows you how to make cookies with chandeliers on it using the free stencil and how to make a gum ball cakes.


I tried to use lustre dust on the stencil but failed so gonna buy spray instead:


Bread and pudding winner

I entered the lurpak club with my bread and butter pudding and I won a Joseph Joseph baking set 🙂


So happy and can’t wait to try it.

Issue 60

In Issue 60 it shows you how to make a corset cake, how to use the new nozzles available with the issue and how to make alien cupcakes wich i have already did.




Alien Cupcakes

I made some alien cupcakes from the new issue of Cake Decorating magazine and i thought they came out well.


IMG_0030 IMG_0033 IMG_0034

Tart entry for lurpak club

I have entered my jam tarts as a entry for the lurpak bake club. They are strawberry Jam tarts and are lovely.