Monthly Archives: April 2013

New creations

These are the new creations that I made for family:

Tinkerbell Cupcakes

These are chocolate cupcakes with tangerine buttercream and Tinkerbell butterflies that I bought from EBay


Chocolate Cake

This is a chocolate cake 8″ with chocolate buttercream in the inside and jazzie chocolates covering the top and around the edge.



Issue 58

Got issue 58 today and it came with a mini palette knife handy for little projects.


New entry in lurpak club

Entered a new entry into lurpak club and this month is Bread and Butter Pudding shown here:


Baked this today and family loved it. Will put recipe up in my recipe page tomorrow. Needed 4 more slices of bread then the original recipe but worked a treat.

The great British bake off book


New book I got today packed full of recipes to try and make for the whole family.

I saw some recipes I would love to try first:


A zebra patterned cake which looks so delicious and will need practice to make due to pipping the pattern in the tin before baking.


Honeycomb crunches is the one thing I would love to try and make and I would eat them all myself :). Would have to master the honeycomb bit because it is a science but worth it.


This is one of my husbands favourite foods and he would love it if I made him this.


All the family love these iced fingers but will need to practice making the shape that’s it.


Chocolate tart is something I would love to make for a tea time treat for family. Just got to practice making the pastry.

Folder for my magazines

Got a folder today to hold my magazines in a collection but only holds 15 issues in total so will need to buy more folders for my magazine collection I am holding so far.



Issue 57


Got issue 57 today and its packed full of ideas and two recipes I wanna try.

New Lakeland catalogue


I got my new catalogue from my favourite shop Lakeland. It features all new things for kitchen and garden. Lots of things I want to save up for.

Paul Hollywood book


My dad bought me this book as a gift while I was on hospital to read and there is so many projects in this book to try:


Paul Hollywood is a great baker and his best work will always be bread. I saw some bread I would to try and make which is baguettes but he suggests using a mixer with a bread tool which I get later in year plus a specialist baking tray to make these baguettes.


I also want to try and make his version of Crumpets which look yummy but will need to buy some crumpet rings.


In cake I would love to make a marble cake for family and it looks so easy to make.


Issue 56


In this issue it shows you how to use your free tool which is a wavy crimper to make patterns for cakes and mini cakes. It looks so easy to use and I have a collection of Crimpers in my drawer from straight to star one.