Monthly Archives: March 2013

Issue 54

Got my new issue of cake decorating


Come with a great alphabet stencil which I can’t wait to use.


Not been on blog much

Sorry I have not posted in a while I have come down with flu.

Hopefully by weekend I will better so I can post and bake.

Eeyore head tutorial

This is a picture tutorial on how to make a eeyore head made of cake.


Worth a try one day.

New cupcake boxes

New cupcake boxes that are sold at tesco


Plenty to use

New baking book

New baking book my dad bought me today


Lots of new recipes to try

Dress tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a fondant dress for a cupcake which I am hoping to make for a family member this year


Baking Mad Site

I have just registered on a brilliant website for tips and advice on baking plus competitions etc. Its called Baking Mad.

baking mad

Another baking club i will enjoy.


Baby cupcakes

Making 6 baby boy cupcakes today in two designs 🙂


IMG_0258 IMG_0259

Storing chocolate

Saw this earlier and thought it is a good tip:


I always store mine in my pantry and last ages.

New issue of cake decorating magazine

I got my new issue today with two free nozzles to help me make baskets:


Will read it later